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Invest with payganet and earn 11% every month, withdraw after 90 days [3 months] of saving

Earn 11% every month
Free Withdrawal after 90 days of investing
Transfar money free
Minimum deposit UGX 100,000
Withdraw money after 90 days
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What can you use Payganet

Invest now and earn 11% every month, withdraw your money after three months [90 days] for free

1. Deposit money

Deposit money from as low as ugx 100,000 and above and start earning 11% every month

2. Withdrawal Money

Withdrawal money for free after 90 days of investing, money stays on account for 3 months before withdrawing

3. Transfer/Send money

With your payganet wallet, you can pay, transfer or send to other people for free, no charges.

4. Have access to cash loans

Quick cash loans are offered to all users who use payganet that have all the required documents & security.

Payganet Cash

Steps on how payganet grows your money

Open up a free fixed account

Open a payganet fixed account for free and start investing with us

Deposit money on your account

Deposit money on your account for as low as ugx 100,000 or more.

your money is absorbed into SMIO

Your money is absorbed into smio group of companies in the first month

Let your money grow & earn 11% per month

Start earning 11% every month, your money is invested by Smio group of companies.

Withdraw your money after 90 days

Withdraw your money you invested after 90 days via mobile money or bank for free

Were is your money invested?

Your money is invested in smio group of companies for more about Smio visit => SMIO GROUP OF COMPANIES is under super vision of MAAGREENSOFT IT CONSULTANTS

Invest more and Earn more

The more investment you do is the more earning you recieve, invest from as low as ugx 100,000 or above and earn 11% every month.

What Payganet can do for you

Open account free,deposit free, send/transfer free, withdraw free, earn 11% per month, withdraw after 90 days.

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